BRINGX is our software bundle for delivery and courier services. It helps you to optimize your logistics processes holistically: from the pricing on the delivery within time windows up to invoicing.
By continuous optimisation, existing resources can be used perfectly in dynamic enviroments, too.

Application examples:

Our BRINGX software package provides an optimal solution for small and medium-sized enterprises, such as
• courier services, express delivery services
• retail delivery services
• restaurant and catering delivery services



The BRINGX software bundle consists of the intelligent BRINGX planning software, the admin dashboard for the management of delivery jobs and the app for the driver. With BRINGX, any number of jobs and drivers can be managed.

Intelligent route planning

With the BRINGX planning software you can schedule your delivery jobs quickly and easily:

  • It calculates the most efficient route out of your current jobs
  • New jobs are integrated in real time into the existing routes

The jobs can be assigned to one or more drivers. The order of the deliveries is optionally determined by priorities or customer requests.

The clear admin dashboard

Using the admin dashboard, you keep control over all your jobs. It shows you:

  • all drivers with current position
  • the current delivery status of each job and
  • delays in real time

Also, you can use the clear interface to edit the jobs and routes.

The simple driver app

With the BRINGX driver app you are always connected to your drivers. The app shows the driver all relevant information clearly displayed on his smartphone. In addition, it supports him reliably at every step during the delivery process.
The app reports new incoming jobs and changes on current jobs, so that it is ideally suited for couriers and delivery services.



With BRINGX you can offer your customers to choose a desired time window for delivery. The customer chooses the time when he will be at home (e. g. 12 am – 15:00 pm). Then, BRINGX calculates the exact arrival time within this time window (e. g. “towards 13:48 pm”), taking into account the expected traffic situation. This arrival time is automatically sent to the customer.

Due to this smart planning, failed delivery attemps are reduced significantly.

delivery process with BRINGX



By bundling orders smart and considering customers’ desires and presence, you can reduce both your kilometers driven as well as a part of city traffic.

Join us doing this step towards a green future!
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