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With our powerful software package you are able to optimize your logistics holistically: from the congestion-free route planning to temperature monitoring.
We design our software in a way that it can be easily combined. So with just one app, you can manage and control all aspects of your logistics process:


1. ROSY App: routing easy – without traffic jams >>


2. BRINGX software bundle: several drivers, several routes – bundles your delivery jobs efficiently and to your requirements >>




Our software is designed to make cities smarter. We want to implement logistics processes more efficient as well as reduce the city traffic and distribute it better. For this reason, we develop a holistic solution, which modules can be selected and adapted according to needs of each city.

Traffic Reduction with ROSY (routing easy)

The free app for citizens calculates the best route for immediate or future departure – including a reliable traffic jam prediction. If a certain number of users choose the suggested alternative route or travel time, traffic can be relieved at peak times.
In addition to the routes for cars, alternative transport modes, such as public transport or cycle tracks, can be integrated. Especially during heavy traffic, destinations often can be reached faster by bus and train. The clear display of several options allows the users a direct comparison and some of them may change for public transport.

Also for commercial use, the ROSY app offers incentives: By an upgrade the app turns into a simple planning software for couriers and small delivery services (for example retail, pharmacies, pizza service etc.). After entering multiple destinations with flexible or fixed arrival times, ROSY calculates the best and most efficient route.

Traffic Optimization and Shareconomy with BRINGX

The BRINGX software bundle is optimized for small and medium-sized logistics services with several drivers. The software calculates the best routes, bundles delivery jobs smartly and efficiently and assigns them to the appropriate drivers. At the same time, the operator is able to reschedule deliveries comfortable and within seconds according to special needs.

The optimized route planning and bundling is able to reduce delivery traffic significantly. Delivery services benefit in particular from the optimized processes and lower costs. Besides, they increase their contribution to traffic reduction and the resulting environmental protection.

The next stage of BRINGX is a public, local platform for delivery jobs on the “last mile”. This platform serves as an instrument of a holistic traffic optimization in the metropolitan area and involves all road users, whether they are private or commercial. Using the desired “shareconomy”, the effect of an optimized urban logistics should be multiplied.


Please contact us for more information about our smart city solutions.

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