With our app ROSY, everyone gets relaxed through city traffic. Whether you are commuter, courier or delivery driver – with this little helper you arrive on time and stress-free.

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Stuttgart is known as our “jam capital” in Germany. To drive through the city, especially during rush hour, you need a lot of patience and nerves of steel. Regularly, also construction sites, accidents and events cause new traffic disturbances – suddenly you get stuck in a jam. Our delivery boys and girls can tell you a thing or hundred about this, too.

We want to help everyone to find the best route through the city and arrive relaxed at work, at home or at a customer appointment. This is why we develop ROSY, a free app.

How do I arrive on time with ROSY?

I have a customer appointment at 8 a.m. tomorrow. So when do I have to drive off to be there on time and no one has to wait, neither the other person (I arrive too late) nor me (I arrive too soon)?

Rosy routing

Simply enter your starting and destination and desired arrival time at ROSY. The app calculates in seconds several route options for the next morning:

  •     the fastest routes and
  •     the most relaxed (= lowest congestion probability).

Here ROSY considers forecast data, arising out of the traffic data and the experience of the last years.

ROSY shows precisely and clearly when you have to start your journey at the respective route: “Start on 7:15 a.m. and drive via Zuffenhausen, you’ll arrive at 7:55 a.m.!”. Not enough buffer? Via the menu you can adjust your desired time buffer for calculating.

The ROSY smart alarm*

Rosy smart alarm

Do you have to arrive at a location e. g. every working day at the same time? For this, ROSY offers you the smart alarm. On request ROSY sends you automatically an alert on the evening: “Hey, tomorrow you should drive off 15 min earlier, there will be a construction site on your way!” Thus you always know whether you can have a good sleep or rather should get up earlier.

* expected to be available in summer 2016



ROSY is currently in development. Beginning of 2016, a test phase started in Stuttgart. Do you want to test ROSY in Stuttgart? Then send us a message and we will send you a download link!

Or subscribe for ROSY!



ROSY also helps small delivery services to manage their orders easily. It helps e. g. your

• Pizza delivery service / restaurant delivery service
• Pharmacy delivery service or
• retail delivery service

to find the best, that means the most efficient route for several deliveries. With ROSY you or your driver can enter multiple destinations. The app calculates the most appropriate order of the destinations.

Does a customer have a desired delivery date? The required arrival time can be entered individually for each destination. The route is then calculated accordingly.

You will find some more information about ROSY on this page soon.
Do you have questions? Contact us!


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